Drive Building Toy Package!

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If you've been looking over the options to get your toy play started, consider our Drive Building Toy Package and save a bundle!

You will receive the following three toys to get your dog moving and excited about playing with you!

1) Fenzi Frenzy with a leather top.  This toy has a loop handle and many pieces of multi-textured leather hanging down for your dog to grab onto. The leather is soft to encourage a good grip, yet smooth enough to require some jaw pressure.

2) One "Frenzy Cowzy" toy.  The Frenzy Cowzy has real cowskin (hair attached!)  The nylon backing goes throughout the entire length of this toy, giving it a lot more strength than most fur toys. The handle portion is three feet long with a loop at the end. This makes it an easy toy to use with dogs that need more distance from the handler or more movement than a shorter toy can provide. Attaching the Bunny or Cowzy to a lunge line will make it irresistible.  The handle can eventually be cut off and you'll have a very usable training toy.

The "Cowzy" is strong but will is not designed for a large sized or strong dog.

3) And finally, you'll receive a soft Leather training toy.  This is the correct first training toy after you work to develop your dog's love of playing with you!