Fenzi Frenzy

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The " Fenzi Frenzy" toys are designed to build drive in your dog, whether a small puppy or an adult dog that lacks persistent prey drive.

The Fenzi Frenzy toys have a loop handle and many pieces of multi-textured leather hanging down for your dog to grab onto. The leather is soft to encourage a good grip, yet smooth enough to require some jaw pressure.

The top portion of the Frenzy comes in different materials to accommodate your dog's stage of development. The natural sheep's wool Fenzi Frenzy toys are perfect for dogs that require a soft, squishy surface to grab onto -- an excellent beginner toy for drive development. The all-leather Frenzies are a good choice for dogs that don't benefit from fleece, but aren't ready for the more challenging leather puppy rags or true leather tugs.

Frenzy toys are sturdy, and therefore are well suited to all breeds of puppies and tenacious small to mid-sized adult dogs.

Available with uppers of natural sheeps wool or soft cow leather.

This is the first toy that Denise Fenzi uses with her own puppies -- an excellent beginner toy for drive development.