French Linen Tug Toy with Handle

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The French Linen Tug Toy with a handle is popular with trainers in a range of sports such as agility, IPO, Ring Sport, obedience and more! The biting surface provides good texture, giving intermediate to hard biting dogs a nice surface to clamp their teeth down. It is not as heavily filled or as hard as the jute tugs, so is a moderately easier bite. The toy can be ordered in a narrow diameter of 1.5" or a wide diameter of 3". The narrow diameter is a good choice for smaller dogs or dogs who are just moving from drive building to training toys. The wider diameter is popular with the sporting breeds, who like a whole mouthful of toy!

French Linen is a popular choice for dogs -- many like the feel in their mouth. The handle is perfect for carrying the toy and playing tug. The handler can attach a leash to the handle to incite prey drive in dogs that show little interest in playing with training toys but have advanced beyond the drive building toys. This toy is well suited to medium or larger dogs.

Available in 8" or 10" lengths, narrow (1.5" diam) or wide (3" diam)