Fenzi Frenzy Bunny or Cowzy

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The "Fenzi Frenzy Bunny" or "Fenzi Frenzy Cowzy" are excellent choices for dogs who want fur and for handlers who want a longer line to work with. The "Bunny" is made with a long strip (approximately 12") of real rabbit fur reinforced with a nylon strap. The "Cowzy" is the same, but with real cowskin (hair attached!) instead of rabbit. The nylon backing goes throughout the entire length of this toy, giving it a lot more strength than most fur toys. The handle portion is three feet long with a loop at the end. This makes it an easy toy to use with dogs that need more distance from the handler or more movement than a shorter toy can provide. Attaching the Bunny or Cowzy to a lunge line will make it irresistible.

Denise Fenzi uses these toys extensively with dogs showing little interest in playing chase or tug. Often it's just what they need to get them motivated. As the dog's confidence develops, the handle can be shortened until the handler is able to hold the fur piece in hand. This helps to progress the dog to Competition Training Toys as opposed to Drive Building Toys. A good follow up to these toys is a Fenzy Frenzy. With dogs that rely on fur, the handle can eventually be cut off and you'll have a very usable training toy.

The "Bunny" is strong for a beginner but is not designed for a large or strong dog.