Puppy Chamois Rag for Tug

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The Leather Puppy Rag is made of thick, soft chap leather. It teaches your puppy to bite down with jaw pressure to hold on. It is excellent for building intensity and prey drive in both puppies and young dogs just starting out learning to tug. The leather is soft enough that a dog with low motivation to bite can grab hold, but not so textured that they aren't motivated to clamp down and hold on properly. The Leather Puppy Rag is a step harder than the Fenzi Frenzy or Frenzy Bunny/Cowzy toys. It is an excellent choice before moving your novice dog onto a training-type of toy for competition. The puppy rag is appropriate for puppies and young dogs training for any discipline; schutzhund, French ring, obedience, agility or flyball.