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Even though I've been training for 40+ years, I still got new Ideas!

Laurie G.

Great books, great toys, great training, and the best philosophy!

Amy R.

 Though the Book "Beyond the Backyard" is targeted at people and dogs who may go on to dog sports, I am extremely glad I bought it. This book made a real difference."

Phyllis H.

The Dog Sports Skills books changed my relationship with my dog - forever.

Michelle C.

Brito and his blogger friends weave important life lessons throughout the story in a fun and interesting way. I didn't want it to end!

Brenda W.

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We want you to have the most amazing relationship possible with your competition sport dog.  To help you find your way, we offer training books and interactive training toys, carefully selected with the dog sports competitor in mind.  

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The Dog Sports Skills books, written by Denise Fenzi and Deb Jones, have become classics in the dog sports world. Take a look!

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