Ziva's first lesson - platform, retrieve and play

This is Ziva,  a 12 week old Australian Cattle Dog.

Here are a few clips from her first lesson.  She is learning how to stand on a platform, how to retrieve a dumbbell and how to play with a toy (plus give it back!).  These are all foundation skills that will serve her well down the road.

In a thirty minute lesson, we go back and forth between these three concepts.  Rotating keeps the attention of a puppy, and I believe it helps them learn faster.

Another very promising baby!


Kathy with Liz/Breeze/Cricket

I love being able to see you working with a young puppy at the start-thanks so much for letting us share, that looked like it worked so nicely the moving from one thing to another and keeping the energy/excitement level high so both the handler and puppy stayed happy and engaged-just how it should be.


Yes Laura; that would have worked as well. This puppy isn’t terribly food motivated, so throwing food would likely have her cruising around the room doing anything but work. For a food motivated dog, throwing light colored food on the dark floor and then bringing them back works quite well. I was actually surprised that she worked for treats; I had expected we would be working for a toy.


What a lovely lesson! I love how thriled the mom was when the puppy put her mouth on the dumbbell — I’ve felt that, too. :)

Denise, I can’t wait until your seminar this weekend! The help you gave us with heeling last month has worked wonders. Dragon did his first rally course today! I rewarded him with a tug every 2-3 signs — we still need to build his stamina for heeling for longer periods — but he was right there with me, so beautifully. :) I could hardly believe it; with my previous dog we trained twice as long to get to this point!


I love watching puppies work.

Laura, Lance, and Vito

What a cutie! Out of curiosity do you ever throw treats to reset the dogs instead of using your body?

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