Lyra - Week 3, Day 1

I outsourced today's lesson.  You'll understand after you see it.

Here's a video showing extremely good play skills.  Four specific techniques are demonstrated; running away without holding the end of the toy (chase), "tagging" the dog and running off, running with the dog while holding the end of a toy, and playing tug after falling to the ground.  All excellent games to play with a puppy.  The purpose of the toy in Lyra's mouth is to keep her from chomping legs and clothing.  Ideally, she'll outgrow the need for a toy in her mouth and she'll be able to run and play without it, but for now, she's learning how much fun it is to run and play with humans.


Kellie Ford

I do want to say though that I found this video extremely helpful and easily applicable to my puppy (Lyra’s brother for those who don’t know). I loved the variations of play you talked about, and certain aspects did encourage Ikon to run with the toy versus drop it and attack legs. We are working on running together with the toy, then I let go and change direction. He is loving that! Thanks for all the videos and help!


That is too cute.

Sharon Hall

What’s the hourly rate on the boys? So much fun for the pup :)

Kellie Ford

Loved it! Priceless way to make sure they all crash and sleep well…..genius!

Amy Walker

Oh what fun Lyra was having!!! And the boys as well:o) You seem to have wonderul patience as a great mother:o)

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