Too Busy

I haven't been getting Lyra out to generalize her behaviors.  Too busy these days.

I have a lot going on with training, seminars, writing a book, raising kids, and random things that I need to do.  It's not unusual for me to work from morning till night, and I don't see a change in the near future.

But somehow...I had time to play on Facebook today.  I had time to buy coffee beans.  I even had time to sit down and work on this blog post.  Being busy is a relative thing; I'm too busy to do things I don't really feel like doing but I find time to do things that I want to do, or that I understand are not optional (coffee beans are not optional).

Maybe "too busy" is a way to avoid some aspects of dog training that I don't enjoy. Maybe I like to stay in my familiar training area where Lyra can learn new stuff and be a star, because that's more fun than generalizing Lyra's work in the world where we may have minimal success.  I always seem to find time for quick sessions at home, but rarely can I find that same time to do training that I don't enjoy as well.  I'm too busy for that.

Lyra's primary need is to develop her focus to work in new places.  I know that I should start this now, so that by the time we are ready to compete she will have had  hundreds of opportunities to work and play in lots of new areas.   I know that she needs to see dogs in the distance until they become a cue to focus on me.  I know that she needs to see plenty of strangers until she loses her hope that they will come over and visit.  I know that we need to practice going to new places until new places automatically cue her to check in and see if work is a possibility.

But it's not very rewarding when I could be here playing with my superstar.  It's not fun to watch a dog gaze into the distance or sniff the ground.  In public, I want to train and Lyra be a puppy.  Lyra wants to do puppy things and have puppy interests.  She does not want to focus on me when the world is calling; she wants to see new sights and meet new people.

How is it that I'm too busy to prepare my young dog for one of the most important aspects of competition?

Lyra could care less if she ever attends a dog show.  But if I'm serious about competing with her, then I don't have the option of ignoring her training needs now and then complaining later when she's distracted or stressed in the ring.  I need to train for a competition dog, not a trick dog that looks good in my yard.  If we're going to do my sport, then I'm responsible for training what she needs to learn- no excuses.

I need to make time.  Time to attend training classes, fun matches, and to work on the exercises I don't enjoy very much.   Complaining about being too busy will lessen my guilt but it won't make me successful.

I did get Lyra out today; put her in the car when I went to buy my coffee.  It added ten minutes to the trip; less time then I spent on Facebook.  She did pretty well, which will help me stay motivated to try again tomorrow.

How about you?  Has your instructor told you that you need to attend fun matches or work more in new locations?  Practice around other dogs?  Work on your weave entries or contacts?  Play with your dog more?  Did you make time or were you too busy?

Did you have time for Facebook today?


Regina Steiner

Ha I think mine would do so-so at a trial, but awful at a shopping center….and it’s not like I don’t go shopping! I did take her once, and was approached by a crazy person who tried to take her leash so he could show me how to correct her. Seriously, who walks up to a stranger and tries to “correct” their German Shepherd?!

Steve Shaffer

Hmm, show them how mace corrects crazy people?


Wow! I am so happy to see there is someone like me out there, fustrated over the same things. I take my dog every day to do some training in the “outside” world… some days he do great, and other days he does terrible. My biggest problem is that I don’t have a drivers license so I have to take atleast 20-40 min walk til I get to an area with distractions by the time we get there he is allready tired. Now I am training him more at home these days, and waiting for a few months to pass so I can get learn how to drive and get a car. Then I will be seriously working him. Anyways I am getting off subject I know how your feeling!

Everyday my mood is based on my dog.. if he does great I am super happy.. if he doesn’t I am in a bad mood. Oh yeah and all the house work, studying, cooking, and ect I need to do all the time! It never stops!! I feel like my head is about to explode I wake up at 6:30 every morning and finish “working” in the house about 9 PM!

Regina Steiner

Late to the party, I just read this now….and you are describing ME!! I’ve been talking for ages about taking my youngster out to shopping centers to train….so far that’s all it’s been, TALK! It’s soooo much easier to just work here at home :)

Anne G.

LOL! My Mal could do AWESOME at a shopping center – trial – not so much!

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